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Our chestnut fields


With a strong dedication in cultivating our "Queen" of the woods: the traditional Chestnut  "Roscetta"  synonymous of  the variety  « Marrone » within Valle Roveto; it could only accomplish us.
Our "Roscetta" has won the favor of consumers, more and more, even outside the scope of production. So much so that it is next to receive the  allocation of brands IGM and DOP.
From our chestnut trees to the new facilities located in "Puzziglio" you can look with wonder at the beauty of “rovetana” nature  fascinating and unique.
From the excellent chestnut “Roscetta”  to its derivatives (jam, liquor, flour, sweets, chestnut with rum, cooked must, bergamot, chocolate cream, balsamic vinegar ....) in our Point of Sale « Il Bosco » you can delight of a typical and unique product.

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