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Lo scoiattolo...history...passions

About us

“LO SCOIATTOLO” Srl.... A story of Champions .... Woods ... Little Spades and.... Passions!

"After about a league we enter the magnificent Val Roveto woods, where I could observe centuries-old trees from the trunk, so impressive that eight men, barely, would be able to surround him."

And those woods, that about a century and a half ago, aroused the wonders of Alexandre Dumas, from the majestic and verdant mountains, from the hills that slope down to the river Liri, within a farming and pastoral culture almost disappeared, for some years, walking through those places with our faithful doggy friends in search of truffles, we have seen the realization of a dream.
Those truffles that each of us gathered in the isolated and alienated lands, without knowing what to do one-time, over the years, have led us to an entrepreneurial venture, which today has become the pride of the "Rovetano" brand known all over the world.

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