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About us

About us

"....Nature gives us.....We give Value", from this small but intense thought is born our company "Lo Scoiattolo" Srl, the pride of our family, our tradition, our land...Abruzzo.
There is always, in every human enterprise, something that day by day guides the decisions and actions on a sense of consistency and success. Many years have passed since our family with incredible commitment, passion and work, has created "Lo Scoiattolo" Srl., a reality that today boasts business activities, around its reliable truffles hunters: the quarrymen.
An entrepreneurial action created to enhance a gift of our land: "the truffle". This precious and mysterious fruit of the earth, marked the life of men and women of all ages and continues to groped the superfine palates of admirers of good cuisine with its magical smell and unmistakable aroma.
The truffle, a protagonist not only of a business, but a real cultural commitment. We devoted a lot, to the worship and knowledge of the truffle, making this cuisine diamond an occasion of friendship and worldliness: just take a look at the Festivals of the Truffle and Porcini Mushroom, that we organize every year in the days of 13th /14th of August, at Piazza Gran Sasso (Civitella Roveto), and then the participation to the food and wine festival "Lungo le Antiche Rue", which takes place on the third Sunday of October, in the magical historical center of Civitella Roveto, an event that annually has more than twenty thousand visitors.
Of course we continue to have an infinite care in every stage of production and distribution of local products, in order to obtain the highest quality that today can meet the most sophisticated requirements in terms of taste and image: the truffle fields of our "VALLE ROVETO" produce the best black and whites truffles in the world, and in our labs, immersed in the enchanting town of CIVITELLA ROVETO, innovative technologies allow for the processing and storage of the precious tuber, enhancing the natural features and allowing new opportunities for its use; the careful organization and integrated production cycle and the preparation of qualified sales network, allow to bring our products to the tables of admirers all over the world, in the same conditions of the place of production.
For this reason, driven by the same old affection, we are pleased today, to present next to the future fathers: new products based on truffles, born from the research and the combination of flavors and aromas, with the aim of bringing the world of good taste and refinement more and more conspicuous of people and not just friends, but well-known experts in. Because in the world and in his imagination, our family, always rooted its culture, values and in this scenario, in addition to the cuisine diamond "TRUFFLE", we bring out even Mushrooms, Cheese, Meats, Jams, Honey, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Aromatic Oils, Spirits, Walnuts, Hazelnuts and the "Queen" of our woods,  "Roscetta" chestnut.
Now let me say a few words on behalf of my country, and certainly that’s not enough ... it’s enough to say, that it is an enchanted land with ancient and authentic towns, land put to the test over the years by difficulties which tempered people always welcoming and with unique values, marked by a peasant and pastoral values over the top.
                                                                                                                                                               Geom. Vincenzo Cesarini
                                                                                                                                                                “LO SCOIATTOLO”  S.r.l.

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