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"Finance will not save us, but the strength of our hands capable of great challenges will...."
                                                                                                         Geom. Vincenzo Cesarini

Anyone who says that ethics is the first priority would affirm a right thing, because there are too many  hindering factors in this regard.
It is plausible to say that LO SCOIATTOLO Srl, since it was born, has always had, perhaps for the imprinting of an ancient family, of human values and respect for people and for their jobs, constant evaluation of the potential capacity of everyone and equality between individuals and kinds: these are the principles that guide the choice of the human factor.
Every person working in a company brings a universe of knowledge, know-how and uniqueness, which are essential for the construction of a common project  that can bring innovation and generate corporate culture.
For LO SCOIATTOLO Srl the individual is the most valuable asset and the item on which one has to bet with constant belief in the organization of every company business.
We are very  convinced that corporate events are not only influenced by independent macro economic dynamics and that the true capacity of business management is directly proportional to the ability to enhance care and listening to the men and women who act every day in the company , sharing with them its objectives.
What we are trying constantly to do is try to put together the differences between talents, to share knowledge, to join our forces in order to transform everything in a common energy to "breathe" every day in the company.

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